ChariLove's Hilda Uwaifo and Stella Berny Soup Kitchen Project serves one good meal a day to about 300 needy every school day and a little less on Saturdays.

Activities carried out in 2008

Counseling This unit continued impressively through various activities, especially through its special programme tagged “Patriots’ Day”     -held every last Thursday of the month- to create general awareness about disabilities and the less-privileged.

It also continued to create awareness about doing authentic service that truly impacts on the Spiritual, Moral and Psycho-Social wellness of the individual, family and society.

Essentially, this unit of ChariLove is into making conscious and very practical effort aimed at bringing authorities at all levels to understand, imbibe and foster the spirit, philosophy and practice of generosity. Hence, our popular slogan: “Serving to help transform Nigeria into a nation that truly cares.”  


In spite of our very meager resources, we managed to run our CHARILOVE ROUP OF SPECIAL SCHOOLS successfully. The group of special schools is made up of:

i.) Charilove-Effatha School (for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired) 
Our major area of worry during the year was the number and quality of teachers we had in the school for the deaf. We did not have enough specially trained teachers because we did not have the money to pay salaries that would attract or motivate them. That has remained our headache in the running of the group of special schools.

ii.) Charilove School for Special Vision & Resource Centre for the Blind 
and the Visually Impaired remained open for services to the target 

iii.) Charilove School for the Innocent (for those with learning disabilities or 
the “Intellectually Challenged”, or the Mentally Retarded and the Slow 
Learner) remained impressively functional.

iv.) Charilove Technical Education Centre continued to offer vocational 
and self-help skill training in various areas of specialization.

v.) ChariLove’s Lady Cherry Igbinedion Computer Centre (in Benin City) continued to provide computer training for our deaf children and others in need. 

vi.) Charilove Opportunity Computer Education Centre at Ossiomo leper 
settlement was inaugurated at the primary school located within the 
community. (We have a plan to construct a special and more conducive 
building for the computer training). The objective was to get all the 
primary five and six pupils of the school introduced to computer 
education. Our greatest consolation here was the extremely high 
enthusiasm displayed by the children. In the interim, the training is 
being done twice weekly -Tuesdays and Fridays. It has not been an easy 
task, cost wise, since two of our staff had to be travelling from Benin to the 
leper settlement on the scheduled days to carry out the training.

Scholarships Scholarship and Educational Grants were offered to some of our students to enable them, being very poor and deprived, to have access to needed quality education. 
(Here, we give special thanks to Liliane Fonds for their remarkable support) 
Welfare a.) Food & Nutrition: 

The ChariLove’s Hilda Uwaifo & Stella Berny Soup Kitchen Project continued to provide one-good-meal-a-day for an average of three hundred needy persons every day except Sundays). Currently, we use three service points, namely: The ChariLove Centre and the Central Hospital (both in Benin City) and the St. Lucy Primary School (located at the Ossiomo Leprosarium). 

The primary beneficiaries of the one-good-meal-a-day programme are the needy children at the ChariLove Integrated Rehabilitation Centre and Group of Special Schools, the indigent and abandoned patients at the Central Hospital as well as the (a little over two hundred) school children of poor ex-leprosy patients at Ossiomo Leprosarium.

b.) Limited Medical Support Services were also undertaken to enable the poor and helpless have access to basic and critically needed medical attention.

Social and Religious a.) Construction work on our proposed Fully Accessible Recreational Facilities (where those who truly care can come and socialize with the less-privileged) did not progress much because of lack of financial resources. The inability to complete the facilities has seriously hampered our sporting activities.

b.) Religious programmes such as Bible and Catechetical studies, Mass and Prayer meetings for Catholics and Non-Catholics went on very impressively. History was made on June 24, 2008, when eight deaf children received their baptism under the Catholic faith. 
Economic Empowerment / Poverty Reduction Micro-Credit and related Socio-Economic Empowerment Schemes –
providing virtually interest-free revolving loan for the less-privileged.